Dear Customer,
Thanks alot for your order of ››››.
We sell this ›››› world wide to different countries.
For customers who purchased our ››››.
To avoid that customs by mistake think this is an alcoholic
beverage and trash it - which has happened
- we have split the shipment in 2 parts.

Part 1 - The ››››
The ›››› is sent as a first class letter,
Return Receipt Request.
A invoice is enclosed telling it is a Sample of Flavoring Oil, Spiced
Aniseed. No commercial value and custom value USD 3.
The›››› is labeled with a white label that tells it is a sample.

Part 2 - A Letter
You will receive a letter containing the ›››› label, which
be used on the ›››› bottle when it arrivies. You also get labels to
use on ››››s.

If you did not purchase an ›››› you will receive your order in one

Our experience shows that it takes approximately 10-14 days to receive your